so you can get your important questions answered

When a relationship breaks down, there is much stress and confusion.  You may have many questions – practical questions that need answering.  Where should the children live?  Where should I live?  What is joint custody?  How am I going to support myself?  What about child support?  How do we divide up our property?  Our pensions?  Can we use a mediator?  When should I seek a divorce?  The list is endless. 

The first and most important step in dealing with these divorce and family law issues is to educate yourself about your legal rights and responsibilities.  It is vital to know your legal rights prior to commencing any discussions.  A legal consultation with an experienced divorce and family lawyer provides you with a roadmap to the issues and possible avenues for resolution.    

I have practiced exclusively in the field of divorce and family law since 1993.  During our initial consultation, I will be able to provide you with detailed information about custody/access, child support, spousal support, property division, divorce and common law relationships in a comfortable and secure environment.  I will also be able to provide you with the different options available to you to resolve these issues.  Most importantly, I will provide you with a frank and honest opinion based upon my extensive experience in divorce and family law as to which option is best for you. 

I recognize the financial difficulties that often attend families during their breakup.  Whenever possible, I attempt to negotiate a separation agreement or out of court settlement.  However, this is not always possible and a divorce or family law court application is required.  Either way, the process can be started so that you can move forward towards a resolution of this chapter in your life.